About Us

Kendra Solutions, a company formed in 2012, is the result of its 4 proprietors wanting to consolidate and further improve the proposition in its business offering by developing, customizing, implementing and marketing a Business Software Suite that comprises Charging, Collection, Settlement and Distribution software components for the Telecommunications, Media, Insurance and Banking sectors tied to a real-time Payment Brokerage Gateway and IT related services.

Our directors have extensive experience in the IT and Telecommunications business

The business offering is based on work carried out by the proprietors in projects on glueware to improve the:

  1. Customer experience of
    the telecommunications operator
  2. Settlement processes and business relations with its business partners
  3. Cash flow positions of the distributors and dealers
  4. Related end-to-end business information flows

Assist in the better decision-making and actions of the operator within their already available business support systems. The company has skills in:

  1. Information Technology and industry-specific skills in software development
  2. Product research and development
  3. Agile software development methodology
  4. IT Operations such as managed services, business analysis, project management and project delivery
  5. IT Transformation
  6. Cloud implementation


Kendra Solutions is a private limited company, incorporated in 2012, and registered in and operating out of Malaysia. The company develops, markets and implements software solutions for telecommunications, media companies and financial institutions. The company specializes in the development, marketing, customization and implementation of Charging, Collection, Settlement and Distribution software (“Business Software Suite”) tied to a real-time Payment Brokerage Gateway and IT related services.

Our all four directors each have a combined experience of more than 100 years in the IT and telecommunications business. The directors have extensive experience in developing, managing and delivering a Payment Brokerage Gateway to a major cellular operator in Malaysia since 2009. Malaysian staff is used to develop, customize, support and improve the Payment Brokerage Gateway.

With their experience in IT and Telecommunications, the directors were able to use their knowledge of the current IT ecosystem, its shortcomings and gaps in the customer experience and financial management areas to develop the Payment Brokerage Gateway which has significantly reduced the business information cycle times and process gaps of the payment and collection channels in real-time settlement and reconciliation activities. The result was an immediate increase in customer satisfaction and reduction in customer complaints.

The Payment Brokerage Gateway did not replace the current partners of the cellular operator that provide the billing, payment and collection channels but significantly improved their efficiency and end-to-end view of the collection, settlement and reconciliation process by providing glueware to enhance the whole value chain. This was an aspect missing in the business support system of the cellular operator and allowed us to address it with an alternate strategy and solution.

Furthermore, the business partners of the cellular operator are being provided with near real-time feedback of their business dealings, enabling quick turn-around times of the replenishment of the supplies which they need to run their business, improving their cash flows and assisting in better decision-making and actions. This improves the business relations and loyalty of the partners to the operator.

As the Payment Brokerage Gateway supported at the cellular operator was a bespoke system developed and fine-tuned to the operator’s business, operations and processes; Kendra Solutions was set up to redefine and reinvent the Payment Brokerage Gateway architecture to make it more generic, functionally more comprehensive and reusable for other potential customers and other industries. This led to the initial design of the Charging, Collection, Settlement and Distribution software suite where Kendra Solutions solely owns the Payment Brokerage Gateway Intellectual Property rights.