About Us

Kendra Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

was formed by two Swiss and two Malaysian Telecoms Industry professionals with extensive industry experience for the purpose of developing, marketing and implementing a software solution that addresses specific needs in the market for a real-time payment exchange systems.

Telecommunication customers have many payment streams and systems in place to handle financial transactions with partners and subscribers. These include a variety of bill payment and reload methods available today, from online payments or reloads with debit/credit cards, to kiosks, cash payments at counters in multiple outlets, bank transfers, Post Office options, etc.. A typical corporation would have implemented systems over time as the services were launched or as the needs arose. These systems have to worked on to make them perform well together. The founders of Kendra Solutions have worked on such projects and saw the potential for a better approach. From their experience and earlier work, they designed and developed Kendra Payment Exchange (KPx): a software system for efficient and managed flow of payments through the client’s IT infrastructure, enhancing the client’s IT applications systems interoperability. The client’s distributors and dealers will be satisfied with speedier and simpler business processes. The subscribers will have better customer experiences. The KPx is ready and is undergoing its 1st customer evaluation starting May 2015.

Kendra Solutions Sendirian Berhad (SB is the equivalent of PLC, Gmb) is based in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia.